Our Team

Dr. Lawrence Ma, PhD

Mr. Peter Woo

Academic Liaisons

Dr. Prof. Alfred Ma, PhD
Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Dr. Prof. Isabel Yan, PhD
City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Prof. John Yuen, PhD
The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Prof. Sherman Chow, PhD
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Industry Liaisons

Dr. Angie Fong, JD

Dr. Henry Law, MBBS

Dr. Kevin Woo, JD

Dr. Paul Sin, JD
Professional Services

Dr. Yalsin Li, MBBS

Dr. Yuen Hung Li, PhD, JD


Mr. Gabriel Chan
Certified Trainer

Mr. Harry Yang
Certified Trainer

Mr. John Cyu
Certified Trainer

Mr. William Mui
Certified Trainer

Warning against Fraudulence

  1. The Hong Kong Blockchain Society's (“HKBCS”) attention has recently been drawn to the fact that certain individuals have claimed to represent the Hong Kong Blockchain Society when in fact this is not the case.
  2. HKBCS has not allowed or authorised anyone not being listed on the HKBCS Team Page to represent the HKBCS.
  3. If you have come across any individuals who claimed or indicated that they represent HKBCS or in any way relating to or associated with HKBCS, we urge you to be vigilant against fraudulence by conducting necessary due diligence to verify such claim or indication and report the matter to the Police in case of suspicious fraudulence.
  4. HKBCS disclaims any liability of whatever nature for any loss and damage that one may suffer in relation to or arising out of any unauthorised claim or indication that any individual is in any way related to or associated with the HKBCS.