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With the 4th industrial revolution underway, coinciding with the advent of the 2nd internet revolution, technical literacy will not be a ticket to better employment, it will be the entry fee for any employment. The best time to start learning was yesterday. The second best time is now!

Blockchain Talents Needed

Jobs are pandemic-proof, recession-proof,
high-paid, and highly sought-after

Well-Rounded Talents Wanted

Universities and employers want those with
practical skills, not just theory or book-smarts

Future Talents Created

Former participants get in good universities,
get good jobs, win other competitions

Students and Educators love HKBCS Blockchain Training

Both learners and educators of all levels — from secondary education to working professionals — love the HKBCS training programs

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society comprises great team professionals with rich academic and enterprise experience. They are very dedicated to advance students’ knowledge and application skills in blockchain. I am glad to see so many students benefit from their educational initiatives.

Dr. Prof. Isabel K.M. Yan
Assistant Dean (Career Development), College of Business
Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Finance
City University of Hong Kong

Aside from their abundant knowledge and enterprise level experience in blockchain, what I appreciate the most is their genuine interest in the success of the students and their incredible teaching skills. Their extraordinary energy and passion are contagious, spreading to anyone under their wings. I am always in awe of their ability to orchestrate a classroom, explain complicated concepts in a simple manner, and motivate students to think outside the box.

Ms. Janet Sin
Director, Financial Markets
Kaplan Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society provides comprehensive training on blockchain. The team offers a wide range of lectures and labs about the technology, business and legal aspects of blockchain applications. It is beneficial for our students and the society.

Dr. Prof. John T.H. Yuen
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
The University of Hong Kong

References Within Every Major Sector

The HKBCS has worked with every major sector of industry and government since 2016

Education Sector

City University of Hong Kong
Lingnan University
MIT Julia Lab
Talent Development Institute

Financial Sector

American International Assurance Company
Bank of East Asia
Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee Bank
China Construction Bank
Development Bank of Singapore
FWD Insurance Company
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
MOX / Standard Chartered Bank
Ping An Bank
Prudential Assurance Company
Société Générale
Zurich Insurance Group

Industrie 4.0 Technology Sector

Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK)
Construction Industry Council (CIC)
Cathay Pacific (CX)
Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)
Urban Renewal Council (URA)
Vocational Training Council (VTC)

Information & Communications Technology Sector

Julia Computing

Professional Services Sector

McKinsey & Company
Sia Partner

Public Sector

Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK)
Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)
Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)
Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP)
Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)
Urban Renewal Council (URA)

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