International Student
Blockchain Competition 2018

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May 30th 2018 at CityU HK

Up to HK$390,000 in prizes and project sponsorships

31 Submissions • 10 Finalists • 6 Runner-ups

Look beyond the Bitcoin Bubble
at practical blockchain applications

Blockchain is one of the fastest evolving and expanding industries in history, with implications that will impact several generations. Get a team together and create something together!


  • Between 1 to 4 students
  • Students in good standing
  • Students in post-secondary institution
  • Students can be from different schools
  • May advise more than one team
  • Should advise on tech, legal, business
  • Advisors are not eligible for prizes
  • Teams may have unlimited advisors

Teams will be entered into the Hong Kong Stream or the International Stream according to their team members. Any team with at least one Hong Kong student will be placed in the Hong Kong Stream. International teams need not be at the Hong Kong to participate.


Submit your project into one, two, or all three categories:



Build something on the technology of your choice



Write a business proposal for RFP or white paper



Pitch the solution to judges live on May 30th 2018

Projects shall be judged in one of the following categories:

Fintech Socialtech Legaltech & Regtech
Projects in the financial sector, including insurance, remittance, and trade finance Projects in the social development, social enterprise, or related spaces, including edtech Projects concerning legal and regulatory compliance challenges and shortcomings

We accept submissions in English or Traditional Chinese. Besides the writing, presentation, and technical merit of each stream, all submissions will be graded on completeness of solution. All teams may be eligible for an Award of Merit for meeting the requirements of a complete solution.

Get On Stage

The most promising projects will proceed to the final round. The finalists will be announced on May 23rd, who would need to prepare for a final presentation on May 30th. The finals are opened to the public with priority given to students.

Wednesday, May 30th
14:30 - 18:30

Finals: DappCamp Demo Day

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To be competitive in this competition, be more than well-informed than the general public. For this purpose, we recommend re-watching the following three workshops:

Workshop 1/3: Blockchain from Technical First Principles

In this workshop, students will learn about what blockchain is and why blockchain is useful. We will discuss the various concepts and paradigms represented by blockchain, the importance of various core components and designs of a blockchain, and the difference between blckchains and distributed ledger technology (DLT). We will introduce studentsto the several projects and platforms.

Watch Lecture via FB

Workshop 2/3: Legality + Compliance for Blockchain

In this workshop, students will learn about some legal and regulatory rulings and interpretations from around the world, along with their impact on the blockchain industry. We will investigate how decentralised applications can co-exist with the legal and compliance infrastructure of the old world to bridge into a future with blockchain. We will also talk about token economics and anatomy of a whitepaper.

Watch Lecture viavFB

Workshop 3/3: Business Strategies in Blockchain

In this workshop, students will learn to address and understand the agnostic nature of blockchain technology to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of blockchain in various sectors, such as finance, manufacturing, logistics & supply chain, legal, and so forth. Throughout the workshop, we hope to encourage students to foresee the implication of blockchain in their sectors of interest.

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Teams & Awards

31 Submissions • 10 Finalists • 6 Runner-ups

EduCertChain - PolyU

Blockchain for universities to issue virtual credentials.

Kavis, Cho Tsz Kin
Roman, Yuen Ching Hin

Alex, Chu Lap Tung
Chon, Yeung Chun Yin

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Project Presentation Proposal & White Paper Award Of Merit

NewRx - HKU / CUHK

Platform-agnostic protocol for a 21st-century prescription system with smart cards.

Li Yik Sum Yalsin

Ip Li Yu Leona

View Team Material

Proposal & White Paper Project Presentation Award Of Merit

Cryploma (Cryptowelder) - PolyU

Blockchain-based diploma issuance & verification.

Wan Qinyu

Li Shaokang

View Team Material

Project Presentation Proposal & White Paper Award Of Merit

Med-Block - HKUST

We manage the medical information in IoT using blockchain.

[email protected]

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Proposal & White Paper Project Presentation Award Of Merit

NotarTech - CityU / PolyU

A project to reform the notary industry.

Eve Li
Nick Li

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Project Presentation Award Of Merit

Bucky - CityU

A triple-win permission marketing solution.

Oska Cheng
Natalie Chan

Stephanie Kwok

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Award Of Merit

CardChain - CityU

A blockchain-based digital business card solution.

Charles Wong

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Award Of Merit

Lumière - CityU / HKBU

Lumière solves a multi-billion dollar transparency issue in movie and advertising productions.

Patrice Poujol
Kabir Rajput

Robert Parcus

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Award Of Merit - HKUST

A blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that makes your dream come true.

Hu Yao-Chieh
Goa Ang-Shu

Lee Ting-Ting
Wu Tan Tania

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

VotingSystem - PolyU

A blockchain-based voting solution.

Edward Lee
William Mui

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

Alpha Program - CityU

Transformation in Loyalty Program.

James Chan

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

Credify - CUHK

Providing a solution to prove the hashed attestation is on blockchain by not being a full node.

Emily Yiu

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

Datax - HKU

Datax allows AI researchers and businesses to crowdsource and exchange data.

Hinnes Lung
Marvin Pang
Jason Lo

Pinky Wong
Kevin Wong
Kevin Chu

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Award Of Merit

Film Dream - CityU / HKUST

The project aims to provide a multi-function website and mobile app focusing on the film industry, including crowdfunding and smart contract using blockchain application.

Agnes Tsang
Eugene Yau

Annie Kwok

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

Fourth Estate - HKU

A secure, decentralised news data storing and sharing solution for journalists.

Aaron Chong
Remini Yip

View Team Material

Award Of Merit

QualiBlock - CityU

QualiBlock stores your digital and verified qualifications using blockchain.

Agnes Tsang
Eugene Yau

Annie Kwok

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Award Of Merit

Our Judges

Dr. Michael Wong
Dr. Michael Wong

University of Waterloo HK Foundation

Dr. Michael Wong
Dr. Michael Wong

Associate Professor
Finance & Compliance
City University of Hong Kong

Mr. William Hui
Mr. William Hui

Senior IT Director
Manulife Hong Kong

Mr. Ross Tang
Mr. Ross Tang

Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor
Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Our VIPs

Prof. Houmin Yan
Prof. Houmin Yan

Dean, College of Business
City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Stephanie Winnie Fan
Dr. Stephanie Winnie Fan

Adjunct Professor, Economics & Finance
City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Kit Ming Isabel Yan
Dr. Kit Ming Isabel Yan

Assistant Dean, College of Business
City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Lawrence Ma
Dr. Lawrence Ma

Founder and President
Hong Kong Blockchain Society

Key Partners

City University of Hong Kong
Stellar Foundation

Supporting Organisations

Bank of China
China Life Insurance
Daiwa Capital Markets
Esquel Group
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
Manulife Hong Kong
The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
University of Waterloo


I cannot find anyone to work with, may I still participate?

We changed team composition to 1-4 students. Some students have not been able to find a teammate. However, we do strongly encourage students to work in groups to provide a wider range of perspectives.

How important are the advisors?

If advisors can provide insights on the technical, legal, or business aspects of blockchain, it would be wise to listen to different points of view. We do not factor in who your advisors are, so don't use advisors to pad your team. We will be providing advice this week (May 7-11) for you procrastinators out there: just message us on Facebook.

What exactly are the prizes and awards?

We purposely did not publish details of our rubric nor the actual prizes prior and now, to avoid contestants "gaming" our competition. It is possible that a seemingly fintech solution could be considered as a Socialtech entry or presented the Regtech Award. You cannot win in the real world by following a rubric either. Life is open-ended. Be innovative and you will have no regrets!

Who is judging?

Our panel of judges are nerd scientists, persistent lawyers, eccentric entrepreneurs, and suave business people (you know, the Central types). We judge presentations, proposals, and prototypes on Merit and merit alone. Our rubric normalizes the factors of strengths and weaknesses of different academic disciplines.

Specific FAQ about Submissions

Does the submission have to be decentralised?

There is no such thing as pure decentralisation today. You may have centralised components. In fact, if you do not have a blockchain, you can also submit a blockchain related service or technology.

May I use Ethereum or other open sourced assets?

Yes. Use Ethereum or whatever you think is useful.

I notice the word Dappcamp. Is this competition limited to solutions built on Ethereum only?

No, you may use any blockchain platform. Dapp means decentralised application; Ethereum does not have a monopoly on this term.

May I submit in Chinese? 可不可以用中文寫?

可以!Preferrably in Traditional Chinese.

Is there a specific format for the proposal, like bidding a new project (RFP) initiated by another company?

Any format is are fine. The key is to have a well defined problem and a full solution.

How long is the presentation?

We expect a 8~10 minutes presentation but a hard stop at 13.5 minutes. In the real world, presentations rarely have a hard stop but remember there are limits to human attention span. It would also be wise to leave time for questions, so judges can ask to clarify details, and you have sufficient time to clarify.

Do all team members have to present?

No, and that is not recommended, even in real life. Usually one or two people might present, but the team is available for Q&A, as each member may address the most relevant questions according to their expertise.

For Demo Day, does my entire team have to be present?

Minimum one person per team has to be there to represent your team (obviously). We will not penalized teams that don't have all their members present nor will we reward those with full attendance. If you can come, we urge you to come learn and network.

What format should I submit?

PDF is probably the safest, but feel free to submit Word, PowerPoint, or Keynote. The finalist presentation should be submitted in PPT or PDF, as the presentation machine is running Windows.

More questions? Chat with us on FB:
HK Blockchain Society

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