Bridging Blockchain With The Real World

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society (Chinese: 香港區塊鏈學會, Japanese: 香港ブロックチェーン学会, Korean: 홍콩 블록체인 학회, Hanja: 香港 블록체인 學會), abbreviated to HKBCS (Chinese: 港鏈會) works with government, academic, and industry organizations to promote blockchain and other trust technologies via activities and services in education, research, and advisory in Hong Kong and abroad. HKBCS encourages and supports legal and compliant projects. HKBCS does not and has never endorsed any cryptocurrency nor ICO.

HKBCS Inauguration

Hong Kong Blockchain Society Inauguration

Please note that some other organisations share a similar name in English and Chinese as we do, but are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with HKBCS:

  • 香港區塊鏈學會 Hong Kong Blockchain Society is us ✔
  • 香港區塊鏈協會 Hong Kong Blockchain Association is not us ✗
  • 香港比特幣協會 Hong Kong Bitcoin Association is not us ✗



  • To coordinate practitioners worldwide for forming best practices and codes of conduct
  • To curate knowledge in technology, governance, and operational research


  • To educate the public about blockchain and trust technology
  • To facilitate deployment of academic research to the mainstream
  • To assist the development of corporate and public policy
  • To connect academic, government, and industry for collaboration


The HKBCS began as a group of technical enthusiasts gathering at free meeting rooms at a local co-working space in 2016. Initially named the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (香港區塊鏈協會), the group was renamed as a Society to reflect the academic nature of its culture and to clarify that our group is not promoting business, but rather promoting the technology and industry through development of professional standards and accelerating research and develop as well as general education and adoption of blockchain technology in a responsible manner.

Since then, there have been numerous organizations with the same former name Hong Kong Blockchain Association or variants of that name. The HKBCS has nothing to do with any of them. While most of the world was distracted by ill-conceived ideas or outright scams at the height of the cryptocurrency bubble, the HKBCS was one of the few that ignored short-term gain for long-term development of the blockchain ecosystem.


In 2017, the government banned so-called “initial coin offerings” or ICOs. However, the Chinese government has never had an issue with the underlying technology — blockchain. With his statement in late October 2018, President Xi Jinping has realigned China’s national focus on blockchain technology. As the only mature professional association for blockchain technology in China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the HKBCS is uniquely positioned to provide training, certification, and advisory assistance to the nascent blockchain industry in the Mainland of China.

Phishing and Impersonation

Hong Kong Blockchain Society does not yet have an official blog, does not endorse ICO projects, and does not engage in any trading of cryptocurencies.

We appreciate any news of phishing, impersonation, and other suspicious activities at [email protected] — thank you for your support.