Bridging Blockchain With The Real World

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society (Chinese: 香港區塊鏈學會, Japanese: 香港ブロックチェーン学会, Korean: 홍콩 블록체인 학회, Hanja: 香港 블록체인 學會), abbreviated to HKBCS (Chinese: 港鏈會), promotes sustainable and mature development of the blockchain ecosystem, by working with government, academia, and industry to promote legitimate blockchain development through education & training, research & development, advisory, and other activities and services. HKBCS encourages and supports legal and compliant projects in Hong Kong and the surrounding region. HKBCS does not and has never endorsed any cryptocurrency nor ICO.

HKBCS Inauguration

Hong Kong Blockchain Society Inauguration

Please note that some other organisations share a similar name in English and Chinese as we do, but are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with HKBCS:

  • 香港區塊鏈學會 Hong Kong Blockchain Society is us ✔
  • 香港區塊鏈聯會 Hong Kong Blockchain Federation is not us ✗
  • 香港區塊鏈協會 Hong Kong Blockchain Association is not us ✗
  • 香港比特幣協會 Hong Kong Bitcoin Association is not us ✗

Education and Training

At HKBCS, we believe that public awareness and knowledge of blockchain technology are essential to its wider application and healthy development in Hong Kong. In fact, the lack of awareness among stakeholders and decision makers is the biggest factor holding back the adoption of blockchain technology.

Therefore, through our blockchain academy Dappcamp, we work with local and foreign technological experts, academia, industry representatives, and the government to organise public seminars, workshops, panels, and competitions to educate students and the public on blockchain technology. We are licenced to certify R3 Corda developers, as the only active Corda trainer in China, and possibly in all of Asia.

Previous workshops and seminars held by HKBCS covered a wide range of topics relevant to blockchain technology such as its basic principles, related legal issues, business strategies, and even learning to hack Ethereum in order to build more secure smart contracts. Students may participate in the workshops and seminars for free. Student initiatives are run in co-operation with local and foreign universities.

HKBCS representatives also participated in conferences organised by industry users, such as the insurance and supply chain logistics sectors, and took part in discussions related to the potential application of blockchain technology in those sectors.

HKBCS also takes interviews from print and television media from Hong Kong, the Mainland of China, and all over the world.

Blockchain from First Principles, City University of Hong Kong, February 2018

Blockchain from First Principles, City University of Hong Kong, February 2018

Interview with TVB about blockchain and ICOs, aired May 2018

Interview with TVB about blockchain and ICOs, aired May 2018

Research and Development

Another crucial part of our work links to the advancement of the development of blockchain technology. HKBCS works with local universities to operate blockchain development laboratories, where blockchain test networks and blockchain development environments are set up for the convenience of students and researchers. We also bring together local and overseas experts to carry out research projects on a range of potential blockchain solutions and applications.

To promote the legitimate and compliant use of blockchain technology, we work closely with connected local and foreign legal practitioners who keep track of and advise academic and government representatives on the latest regulatory development in Hong Kong and other major jurisdictions with vibrant activities regarding blockchain technology development.

Ethereum Lab, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, March 2018

Ethereum Lab, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, March 2018

Advisory Work

We provide advisory services to the public and private sectors on implementation and integration of blockchain and DLT, as well as policy formation and drafting regulations. We work with governments across the world, from ASEAN to Africa, up to a national level and a plethora of industries, such as banking, insurance, supply chain and logistics, retail, and so forth.

We bridge parties which seek to apply blockchain technology with relevant experts who may provide advice to them, and to provide relevant insights to academic, industry, and government professionals. Our network of technological experts such as software engineers, university professors, researchers, business development consultants, and legal professionals can provide advice to prospective projects that involve the application of blockchain technology from different professional perspectives depending on the needs of such parties.

Belt Road Blockchain Panel, City University of Hong Kong, March 2018

Belt Road Blockchain Panel, City University of Hong Kong, March 2018

2019 Board Of Directors

Dr. Angel Li

Dr. Angel Li is a behavioral scientist with over 25 years of research and field experience in psychological services. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hong Kong, a Juris Doctor degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is a Chartered Scientist from the British Science Council. Dr. Li has served the public health sector and charitable social services organizations for over 30 years. Her primary role in the Society is to provide advisory in social enterprise & innovation and adoption of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology to the healthcare industry.

Dr. Lawrence Ma

Dr. Lawrence Ma has over 25 years of academics, technology development, and business experiences. Dr. Ma studied mathematics, with a B.A. from Yale University, an M.S. from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. He taught pure math and financial mathematics at the National University of Singapore for several years before moving into the private sector. Dr. Ma currently serves on the Expert Committee of CUFE Beston Blockchain Research Center in Beijing and as the Blockchain Expert Consultant for World Open Account (WOA) in Belgium. As president of the Society, Dr. Ma oversees day-to-day operations, and provides research and practical insights regarding blockchain technology development to governments, regulators, and enterprises globally.

Phishing and Impersonation

Hong Kong Blockchain Society does not yet have an official blog, does not endorse ICO projects, and does not engage in any trading of cryptocurencies.

We appreciate any news of phishing, impersonation, and other suspicious activities at scam@hkbcs.org — thank you for your support.