ABC5-Lab helps Future-proof your students for tomorrow

ABC5-Lab, a STEM education programme that prepares Hong Kong secondary school students
for enriched IT learning experience and competitions supported by the OGCIO

ABC5-Lab in Secondary Schools

ABC5-Lab is a programme brought to you by HKBCS (Hong Kong Blockchain Society), which prepares Hong Kong's secondary students for success in the 21st century. Our lab provides practical experiences in the new ABC's of IT innovation.

Programme Overview

ABC5-Lab in Secondary Schools is an extracurricular activity (ECA) programme that cultivates interest for secondary students in ABCD of IT innovation: AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain & Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Data Science.

Benefits of the ABC5-Lab

Students benefit from learning with world-class pedagogy in local classroom environments


Topics are consistent with university-level and continuous professional development programmes but tailored for consumption by secondary-level learners


Fundamental modules are complementary to the existing mathematics and science curriculum for secondary schools from the Education Bureau


All programmes teach practical skills with project components and templates that have real-world, useful application

Customize ABC5-Lab for Your Students

The ABC5-Lab programme can be customized for any group of students from Form 3 onwards
and made to satisfy any criteria and constraints of hectic secondary school life.


AD Basic Training

In this programme, students will expand on the practicality of their mathematics knowledge for the data science applications, especially in machine learning.


BC Basic Training

In this programme, students will learn about the fundamental building blocks of blockchain technology and practical decentralized applications.


Champions Training

Get your students ready for the blockchain olympiad, which will test the skills of the students and provide them with imperative experience that will propel them to the next level.

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